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Exclusive Leak: the New Apple Holy iBle!

The news out of Cupertino is that despite persistent rumors of some sort of Apple streaming TV, Steve Jobs has something far more ambitious in mind for this September’s product announcement. My confidential sources tell me that the rumors are … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Back! (Vid a Camera and Multitasking): The iPad as Passive-Aggressive Terminator

The year is 2029, the battle with the humans had gone on longer than any of their simulations had projected. If you count muon reigster cycles it had been over 20 billion. Years 32. Movies four–although many in the ruling … Continue reading

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My Trip to the Midtown Apple Store!

So clear, so clean it is said that the astronauts can see it from space—not because it is big, but rather because they are sufficiently motivated to dip the spacecraft for the view.  The once proud Plaza Hotel sits across … Continue reading

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