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Bowing Toward Mocha: Why Americans Suck at Taking to the Streets.

Let me get this straight right at the beginning. I am not complaining. I for one am happy as can be that for the most part my fellow countrymen and I comprise the lamest bunch of flame-throwing radicals in the … Continue reading

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Palin Rider: Sarah’s Speech to the NRA

Wow! Hi, Ya’ll! I’m so glad you invited me to speak before ya–especially since my daughter’s gettin’ thirty grand a shot to make her own speeches now, and that makes her a bargain! In a recession every dime counts! Let … Continue reading

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How to Spot a Real American!

Don’t look any farther east than Pennsylvania or any farther west than Reagan International. It is American to fight to defend the Constitution, and to demand that its original intentions be protected; it is un-American to read it. Seat belts … Continue reading

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America’s Terror Double Standard.

Mohammed bin Salaam went into a building in broad daylight and coldly assassinated a man. He did it in front of small children and innocent men and women. It was an assassination instead of a run of the mill murder, … Continue reading

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Gunfight at the H.S. Corral!

Originally published at Doc Sweet’s Office Hour 10.2007 Early this month Representative David Agema of Michigan introduced a bill in Congress that would allow teachers to carry guns in schools. I am trying to find one good reason to not … Continue reading

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