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Red and Blue Rover: My Playground Solution to Cutting the Deficit.

Heck, they’re acting like children anyway. Let’s play in their wheel house.We have this massive deficit, but no one on either side can think of any way to cut it other than attacking a bogeyman on the other side. Republicans … Continue reading

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The Walking Dem!

Despite what “experts” claim, there is no consensus—scientific or otherwise—about how it started.  The tin hats still say Hillary Clinton, the clear front runner in 2007, was co-opted by the powerful economic elite by whom she had always dreamed of … Continue reading

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The Tea Party Congressional Moms’ Approved Children’s Reading List.

Who’s Waldo, Why Does He Dress Like a Foreigner, and Why is He Trying So Hard to Blend in? The “Bunny” Trilogy: Don’t Pat the Bunny, Sweetie. It Seems a Little Weird. If You Pat the Bunny One More Time, … Continue reading

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Condi Goes NIMSBY! Invests in Flubber Futures.

Originally published 9.2007 That is: Not in My Sunken Backyard!During her September 27th pep rally with the Climate Change conference, our lame duckienne Secretary of State let us know that she and her President finally agree that climate change is … Continue reading

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