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Sarah Palin is “The Dear Hunter!” (a film synopsis)

Outline for Pitch Title:            The Dear Hunter Authors (information privileged pending contract) Plot: This is the story of Sarah Palin, a young Alaskan girl from a small town who enlists in the culture wars and ships off to foreign lands.  … Continue reading

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Top Ten Best Jobs a Guy Can’t Really Get Because They are Fictional!

Ten: Network Family Sitcom Anything I know this is a little general and at first glance unremarkable, but run a few sitcom families through your mind then ask yourself:  Where do these people live? The answer in almost every case … Continue reading

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The Tea Party Congressional Moms’ Approved Children’s Reading List.

Who’s Waldo, Why Does He Dress Like a Foreigner, and Why is He Trying So Hard to Blend in? The “Bunny” Trilogy: Don’t Pat the Bunny, Sweetie. It Seems a Little Weird. If You Pat the Bunny One More Time, … Continue reading

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An Independence Day Appeal to the First Black Ex-President of the United States

Today’s Doonesbury–as usual–is the bellwhether. In it, the President’s wife and  children interrupt him while he is trying to shave and keep asking him if he has capped the well, saved the economy, etc. etc, . On the Fourth of July, … Continue reading

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“It’s a can’t miss!” they told the producer. “It’s Galaxy Quest, but instead of outer space it’s a Presidential election, and instead of a man who plays a space ship captain it’s a woman who wants to be President!” If … Continue reading

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