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So You Want to Be a Demagogue!: Part One.

So you want to be a demagogue! Good for you! I mean it; good for you! Wanting to be a demagogue shows that you wish to be active in your community—that you want to make a difference! You picked a … Continue reading

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The “Is Your Anger Like Mel Gibson’s?” Quiz:

Recently CNN posted a link called Is Your Anger Like Mel Gibsons? to an article.  The article that it took you to–while interesting–was just a general discussion of rage. It didn’t really help you compare YOUR rage to Mel Gibson’s. … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Stepford on Avon, Part 2: The Balcony Scene from Levi and Juliet.

JULIET: What man art thou, that, thus bescreened in night, So stumblest on my counsel? LEVI: It’s just me, and I’m not “bescreened” by anything but this idiotic privacy fence. Is your mom tearin’ it down when that reporter leaves? … Continue reading

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The Collected Sarahspeare: Shall I Malign Thee in a Rambling Speech.

Shall I malign thee in a rambling speech? What the heck, I’m bein’ amply paid. I’ll suck thy good intentions like a leech ‘til even your own grandma is afraid. I’ll tell them you’re an out of touch elite. I’ll … Continue reading

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iSad: I Think Apple is Going to Break Up With Me!

Dear Diary: I know I haven’t written much lately, but let’s face it. People are less prone to record their feelings for posterity when things are going well. And until lately, things had been going very well indeed. Of course … Continue reading

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An Independence Day Appeal to the First Black Ex-President of the United States

Today’s Doonesbury–as usual–is the bellwhether. In it, the President’s wife and  children interrupt him while he is trying to shave and keep asking him if he has capped the well, saved the economy, etc. etc, . On the Fourth of July, … Continue reading

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