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White-Side Story, Part II: Sangria!

(Spoken) Sangria! (Sings) The most fruitiful taste I’ve ever had. Sangria. Sangria. Sangria. Sangria. Now room temperature wine  just makes me sad. Sangria. Sangria. Sangria. Sangria. I just had a drink of Sangria. And now I’d think it queer to … Continue reading

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The Phoenix Theater of the Fence Presents: White-Side Story, Part I: The Jute Song

BIFF Hey, Joe Bob! Looky, the boys is playin’ soccer. JOE BOB Hey, Biff, don’t you mean fute- ball? (all of the Jutes laugh) BIFF Last time I checked this was a football field, not some South American, New World … Continue reading

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They Only Yam What They Say They Yam?

Penn Jillette has a new feature on Revision 3. It’s called Penn Point. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a fan of Mr. Jillette. I go back to the days of the magic show on 43rd street (MoFo … Continue reading

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Palin Rider: Sarah’s Speech to the NRA

Wow! Hi, Ya’ll! I’m so glad you invited me to speak before ya–especially since my daughter’s gettin’ thirty grand a shot to make her own speeches now, and that makes her a bargain! In a recession every dime counts! Let … Continue reading

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How to Spot a Real American!

Don’t look any farther east than Pennsylvania or any farther west than Reagan International. It is American to fight to defend the Constitution, and to demand that its original intentions be protected; it is un-American to read it. Seat belts … Continue reading

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A 40th Anniversary Star Wars Ten Things You Need to Know!

Luke to young Jedi in training: Hey, you kids, get offa my Wan! Grandkids sick of hearing about how pop-pop was frozen in Carbonite. “Poo or not poo; there is only try.” Jabba is no longer a Hutt. Now he’s … Continue reading

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