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Know Your Illegal Immigrant!

The State of Arizona has a big job ahead of us! We have enacted the most assertive illegal immigration law since Jim met Crow. The front line of our war on the ne’er-do-wells who want to clog up our wholesome … Continue reading

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Serf’s Up: My Hopeless Appeal to Low-Wage Conservatives.

I am in the midst of the one of those ethical dilemmas that on one hand frustrate and on the other open up to broader, more substantial issues. The occasion is the impending graduation of another group of majors for … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s Commencement Address to UC-Stanislaus

Mr. President, Board of Trustees, All You Blame-America-First Communist Faculty Members, Parents and of course the Graduating Students of UC-Stanislaus, I just wanna say I am so proud to speak to you today that my pride alone could fill the … Continue reading

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Why I am a Gleek!

Why I am a Gleek! In the days leading up to its return to network TV, Glee has become the subject of conversation among reviewers, critics and bloggers. Its fans are rabid, its detractors legion. I am firmly in the … Continue reading

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Hey Fathead! Have a Little Self-Respect!

Hey, fathead! Yeah you! Where do I get off talking to you like this? I’ll tell you where. In a world where according to all of the charts that measure these things, I am superior to you. I am better … Continue reading

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Songs from The Democratic Musical Care-baret!, pt. 1

Wilkommen! Wilkommen, Bievenue, Welcome! You’re now part of Das Zelt! Big Tent! Freely admitted. Sit down, what the heck. Unless you are fans of Hannity or Beck. Elsewise, bienvenue, Welcome To Care-baret! Our Care-baret. The Care-baret! (Spoken) Ladies and Gentlemen! … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Back! (Vid a Camera and Multitasking): The iPad as Passive-Aggressive Terminator

The year is 2029, the battle with the humans had gone on longer than any of their simulations had projected. If you count muon reigster cycles it had been over 20 billion. Years 32. Movies four–although many in the ruling … Continue reading

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