Songs From the G.O.P. Musical No-klahoma, Pt. 3

Everything’s Up to Date in Sadr City.

We first went into Baghdad on a Thursday.

We introduced ourselves with shock and awe.

We really couldn’t justify it per se

So we kinda sort of skirted global law.

They had some nasty weapons buried right where we knew where.

A threat to every US girl and man.

‘Course when we went to get them, them dern weapons wasn’t there.

Was this really why we left Afghanistan?

Everything’s going great is Sadr City

or was we like to call it Baghdad East.

We came to bring the people here a better way to live

now over half a million are deceased.

Remember we said six weeks was all we’d be here.

We sold the war as hard as we could sell.

To quell investigations that could violate our trust

we threw a covert agent underneath a moving bus.

That sort of thing is treason if it isn’t done by us.

There ain’t a single lie we didn’t tell.

There ain’t a single lie we didn’t tell.

Wealthy donor: Hey, George. You learn any new steps while you wuz there?

Cowboy George: Why, you bet. I learned me the Halliburton Shuffle.

Wealthy Donor: Is it popular?

Cowboy George: Popular? Everyone over there is doin’ it!

Wealthy Donor: Can yah teach it to us?

Cowboy George: Not here. Come on out to the ranch sometime.

We really support our troops in Sadr City.

Though their families often had to send them gear.

Twenty billion dollars went to finance KBR.

Around three of which the auditors could clear.

Then we went out and got some mercenaries.

The craziest bunch of mercs you ever saw.

They have the strongest armor and most lethal firepower.

They work just like our grunts but get 500 bucks an hour

While our soldiers get electrocuted standing in the shower.

It’s worth it though to be above the law.

It’s worth it though to be above the law.


About bigshotprof

College Professor in the Communication Studies department at Pace University. My personal life fall somewhere in the gap between less than you want to know and more than you need to know.
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