Songs From the G.O.P. Musical No-klahoma!

Oh What a Dutiful Mourning.

Oh, the Tea Party cattle are lowing

As the size of their waistlines keeps growing.

Health care was passed, and they’re starting to cry

And Wanda Mae Freetrunk just reached for a pie.

Oh what a dutiful mourning.

What can conservatives say?

Obama pushed through his reforming.

Despite all we did to delay.

We told death panel lies about grannies

Told folks taxes would go to clip trannies.

We moaned “They used bribery to push their bill through.”

But I guess folks remembered that we did that too.

Oh what a dutiful mourning.

We just don’t know how to feel.

One sliver of hope is abourning.

Go out and push a repeal.

The insurance folks gave contributions.

‘cause we promised blockading solutions.

And now that our health care wedge issue is dead

Maybe we should go back to gay marriage instead.

Oh what a dutiful mourning.

Looks like the Commies have won.

Let’s drown our sorrows at Starbucks.

I just – need – to strap on my-y-y-y-y-y  gu-u-u-u-u-n.


About bigshotprof

College Professor in the Communication Studies department at Pace University. My personal life fall somewhere in the gap between less than you want to know and more than you need to know.
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