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My Long-Awaited Public Apology!

To all of you who have accessed my blog today—who am I kidding. This is my blog. No one has accessed it today. To anyone who may have stumbled across my blog today and  might be friends of mine, students … Continue reading

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Tiger at Contrition Pines: A Shot-by-Shot Analysis of Hole Number One..

“First, Mr. President, let me just say what an honor it is to be in the booth with you today!” “Right back atcha, Governor! As you know, Hillary and I have spent a lot of quality time in South Carolina. … Continue reading

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There’s No Eat in Pleat, but There’s Lots of Deny in DKNY–the Delusion That is Fashion Week.

I’ve seen those guys who juggle chain saws! It’s not a trick. They juggle real live humming, slicing chain saws. If one misses he loses a hand. If he really goes wild he loses a customer.  In a way, what … Continue reading

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Princess Pay-Ya Wows ’em at CaucasiaCon!

I’ll admit it! I love me a good Con. I love the stuff the vendors bring. I love the enthusiasm of the crowds. I love the up-close contact the fans get with their heroes—quick note, I saw Yvonne Craig, TV’s … Continue reading

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The Boys on the Serial Bus: Tea Party Convention Special–Voter Literacy Test.

In his speech before those assembled at the first annual National Tea Party convention, Tom Tancredo called for a renewal of Voter Literacy Tests in American elections. The assembled became galvanized around the notion and created a first draft of … Continue reading

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