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America’s Terror Double Standard.

Mohammed bin Salaam went into a building in broad daylight and coldly assassinated a man. He did it in front of small children and innocent men and women. It was an assassination instead of a run of the mill murder, … Continue reading

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The Updated Republican Purity Test.

The New Republican Purity Test Fill in the blank:  Glen Beck is a _____________________ lunatic. Raving. Sputtering. Full-Service. Who among the following would be the best-qualified expert for teaching about the creation of the Earth, in high school? The late … Continue reading

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The Prostate of the Union: What We Want From You, Mr. President!

Hey, pal. You asked for the job, so buck up. Things haven’t gone your way? Tough! This is the United States of America, at the gateway to the 21st century. We ain’t your father’s Oldsmobile. We want what we want; … Continue reading

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The Midnight Ride of Scotty Brown.

Listen, my children, while doth resound, the midnight ride of Scotty Brown. First month and third Tuesday, 2010 would calm our women, arouse our men. As the left wing insurrection slithered down. Just twelve months before, on a frigid night … Continue reading

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How Pat Robertson Thinks.

For most of his adult life, Pat Robertson loved three things–his wife, his Lord, and board games. One night when he was supposed to be working on a sermon connecting his four piece Parcheesi block on Green’s escape lane to … Continue reading

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2010: the Year in Review! A Multi-Part Series:

Part One: The Legislative Agenda. In the middle of January, Nancy Pelosi announced that the House and Senate would vote on the compromise health care bill by no later than February 15th. Senator Harry Reid commented that he thought people … Continue reading

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Rainforest Gump!

When all is said and done, the deeply committed right-winger and the deeply committed left-winger are the same rabid animal. They feed off of the utter venality of their enemies, the supreme righteousness of their causes, and the lazy ignorance … Continue reading

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