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Tweep in the Heart of Texas!

You can (should?) file this one under “I have better things to worry about.” but it irritates me, so I am going to abuse my forum.  I am talking about the state of Texas’s latest foray into public flogging–their decision … Continue reading

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The American Liberal As Plucky Sidekick!

Titans, Go! As any loyal fan of the Cartoon Network knows, that it the battle cry of the Teen Titans, a Justice League junior varsity.  The Teen Titans are a hearty and appropriately diverse lot of young over achievers. Cyborg … Continue reading

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There Goes Santa Clown?

Over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed a depressing trend. People in my social media circles and on the street having been making a great number of disparaging remarks about Old Saint Nick. Most are about mall Santas, … Continue reading

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My Trip to the Midtown Apple Store!

So clear, so clean it is said that the astronauts can see it from space—not because it is big, but rather because they are sufficiently motivated to dip the spacecraft for the view.  The once proud Plaza Hotel sits across … Continue reading

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Right-Wing America as Battered Child

What baffles me about the behavior of right wing activists over the past year is the neon irony.  Since Barack Obama was elected, teaparty picketers, town hall disrupters and talk show blatherers have whipped up a frenzy of fear about … Continue reading

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The 2009 Bah! Humbug! Christmas Card!

T’was the night before Christmas, of 2009. Pre-flight preparations were going just fine. The gifts were all loaded, tied in and tied twice. The coal and the toys labeled naughty and nice. So I went back inside, sat with old … Continue reading

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Rubber Chicken$hit!

Some time today, that band of plucky, spelling-deprived freedom fighters the Teaparty Patriots will once again descend on the Capitol with hijinks in mind. Today’s goal is to provide a “special delivery for the Senators who voted in favor of … Continue reading

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