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Don’t Ask; Don’t Sell!

The man with one foot in Africa is about to land the other one in a tiger trap. The Republicans (with the unwitting help of their witless enemies the Democrats) have dug the ditch, sharpened the spikes. All they have … Continue reading

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Let Us Prey!

Wrestle Dudley Do-right out of retirement. Sarah Barracuda is about to start a crime wave. Just this week, she let slip to Celebrity Clarence Narrow, Greta Van Sustern the following: “I’m like, O.K., God, if there is an open door … Continue reading

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The Vernon Castle Twelve-Step

Wow! Who knew Michelle Obama was an X-Man! There. Had to get one more out of my system. The dress . . . you know . . . it looked like a superhero costume? Come on. Look again. You know … Continue reading

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Spare “Change”

Tonight history will be made. It might be the bad kind–“never in history has a candidate won the election while receiving such a minority of the popular vote!?”  But I think it is going to be the good kind–the “take … Continue reading

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